Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Khorne Berserker's WIP

I have a bit of time off work, so thought I'd try and get some painting done as I've been very slack with it in recent weeks.

The red of the Berserker's was already done, I had originally gone off the idea of using gold metallic in favour of Yellow, however upon starting with the yellow I realised I liked it even less than gold. I went back to the old faithful gold, used two feet and jumped. Before I put my gold down though I decided it would be worth while to use GW's Khemri brown as a base to make the gold fill better, rather than go straight onto black, it worked ok I guess.

That's what I have so far, need to do the weapons, line highlights, details like chains, leather and eyes and whatever else. Hopefully I should have most of it done tomorrow.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A Mountain of Polystyrene

The modelling room is a tip. I don't know about anyone else but I can be quite untidy in my own home; and my hobby room is no exception.

At 0430 this morning when getting up for work I staggered into said room, looked around and then shook my head. The desk is bad enough, but in the far corner next to my snakes their had formed a mountain of polystyrene. To some it may not seem much, to me it's massive and very daunting.. Haha.

When at work I have to walk around and secure the loading bay (security officer... yay!) of the shopping centre. Dotted around are cardboard skips, unfortunately for the cleaners it's not just cardboard that is thrown in, but a mass amount of polystyrene from the shops. I can't control myself and dive in.
"I can use that for a power plant" I tell myself
"Ooooh, molten pit for nurgle bath/pool" I say.

The problem with this is I gather a certain amount up to take home, once at home it's dumped in the corner for " future projects" I convince myself. Normally I such a convincing argument wouldn't be an issue, except I've vowed not to do anything until my army is painted, so the pile grows.

The big question is do I stop collecting the polystyrene and potentially piece of on some free goodness, or do I buy boxes and start stacking them in the corner in the hope I forget I'm doing it, and won't feel so guilty?

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Golden Oldies


I have been looking over ebay the last few weeks to see if I can get myself some bargains, as we all know how expensive this hobby can get, especially if you're starting up. The main aim was to find a greater daemon for less than £25, which I did but forgot to bid.. so yeah.

Anyway, I was having a browse through the chaos section when I came across a few items of interest; the first of which being a 3rd edition Chaos Space Marine Codex. I just had to dip my finger into the Paypal wallet, pull out a few coppers to then click on the 'Buy Now' button. Awesome, I now have an old codex to browse through. It so happens I got home today and found it neatly sealed in a jiffy bag.

After an initial look I realise that it's nowhere near as in depth as recent releases, but still worth a good old read.

Now, onto the second item of interest; this one being my favourite of the two. Being a new player I haven't be privy to the advancement of the game, rules (which is a good thing as I don't suffer from MRS likes some of you old fart :-D) and especially miniatures. I've always had a thing for jump packs and flying creatures, I guess one could say it's the feeling or imagination of feeling the freedom of the air.

Well, while looking online I found this:

The model is of course a Chaos Space Marine Raptor, and from what I can make out it was in production in the late 90's... possibly 1998. Not sure what edition that was, but I'm sure if I stopped being lazy I could find out.

I'm not sure about you guys but I personally love it, especially the helm and it's interesting to look at the model and see how the raptors have advanced in looks. I'm more of a fan aesthetically wise to the newer model of raptors, however, I appreciate where it came from, and there it is.

Something old for you, and something new for me, good all round I say!


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