Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Standing On Solid Ground - Basing

In a previous post I showed a few units I had put together and planned to base. With a bit of research online I found a method I was happy with, and this method was with the use of cork. The blog this idea came from is The Painting Corps.

Once I'd decided to use cork I needed to find some, this however is easier said than done in the UK it seems. I scoured B&Q, Homebase, Topps Tiles and Wickes but nadda, not even a sniffing of a cork tile, I soon realised the only place I was going to find some was on ebay.

Anyhow, after acquiring the cork tiles I set about breaking one up into rough pieces with a pair of pliers, aiming to make the pieces the same or similar size to the bases. These broken up bits of cork were attached to the round bases with a bit of super glue as I wanted a more stable stick than from what I'd get from PVA. Once dry the bases and cork with brushed with a relatively watered down PVA mix, this was t give the cork a bit more rigidity and a protective layer.

After 24 hours I added 'neat' dabs of PVA glue to the areas of the bases not covered by the irregular contours of the cork tiles. I then sprinkled over citadel grit/sand, I'm sure anything could be used, I'd have preferred ballast, but I didn't have any.

The bases were once again left for 24 hours, which was yesterday, so they'd dried by the time I got home this afternoon. With a dab of super glue on the models feet, they were attached to the cork tile bases.



Personally I don't think they look too bad for a first attempt. What do you guys think?

Monday, 25 January 2010

How to get a Defiler for £10!

The best way I have found of getting a Defiler for £10 is by going to a poker game held by one of your gaming club members, pretending you know absolutely nothing about the game and lull them all into a false sense of security. It doesn't end there, the next stage of the plan is to make a psychic link to all the Jacks in the deck and summon them to you almost every game.

Well, that or get someone to give you £25 and put the £10 to it. I did the first one, but with a little less of the pretending (as I don't really know that much about Poker, but enough to know when someone is trying to bully you out of chips.. hahah) and less of the psychicness.

But yes, a good night Saturday was, especially as I wasn't planning on going, so with my winnings I decided to spend it on something that I could destroy the rest of the club members models with.. a Defiler!

So I'd just like to say thanks to the guys at the club, and Corania Prine for a wonderful evening, and a really cheap Defiler! *grins*

Monday, 18 January 2010

Winged Daemon Prince, with no wings

I've decided forcing myself to do some modelling, even though I'm knackered is a good thing, so once I got home, checked emails and made food I got to work. My intentions were to get my chosen sorted, and these would be made from the Dark Angel robed veterans. Of course the icon would be taken off and a few more spikes here and there, along with some nice horned helms.

Mid assembly I realised I'd have to wait for the poly cement to fully dry before I went all aggressive with the icon removal, so out came the Daemon Prince. I found it pretty daunting when getting it out of the box, I'm not used to metal models, before this one the only models I've painted and assembled that have been metal were horrors, not the hardest of creatures.

However, I didn't let it get in the way and away I went. I don't know if it's just me but sometimes when using super glue I stick two pieces together and BAM, stuck like gravy to a dinner cloth, and then other times it just blatantly, outright refuses to stick; this is even when it appears it's a flush fitting. One thing that has crossed my mind is that I hadn't washed the metal parts in soapy water before hand, could this be causing problems?

After a few hours of cleaning up the flashing/mould lines and super gluing myself to... myself I was starting to get somewhere, well until the sword arm and the sword arm shoulder pad fell off. The biggest problem I am having, and despite my efforts to pin them is the wings. He's a Tzeenchian Daemon Prince with wings that doesn't want his wings to stay fixed. What I am wondering is so I even bother trying to super glue the things on, or do I try and Green Stuff them, or both? I've never done anything like this before so it's causing me a headache. I've stopped for today, readying myself for a fresh start tomorrow.

Does anyone have any tips on how I can get these bad boys to stay on? They're the Zombie Dragon wing things, so not overly big or bulky and quite a bit lighter than I was expecting. I'm thinking possibly going for pro with some GS, I'll need to use some anyway as there appears to be a fair bit of touching up and gap filling to be done.

So yeah, any ideas?

Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Assembly Line

I've had a day off work (Woot!) and decided instead of doing the normal clean and sort stuff out I'd get some needed hobby time in. The last two weeks have been extremely hectic at work and thus not a lot has really been done as the energy hasn't been there.

So I got to work on my CSM: Battleforce and the first to be assembled was the Khorne Berzerkers. I haven't done anything to them apart from give the champion a Power Fist, he'll also have a trophy rack, but that hasn't been started as yet.

The scheme will be as it is in the Codex for Black legion with the helms and shoulder pads red, whilst the rest remains Black Legion, I'll more than likely do the Power Fist red also to break the body up a wee bit. As you can see I started basing, and then realised I've ordered some Cork tiles from ebay to use for basing, so they'll have to be removed. I got over excited and too eager, oh well.

Next on the assembly line was the two, 7 man Plague Marine Squads with 2x Meltaguns and Power Fist. The meltas are from a blister pack I purchased from GW as I wasn't sure I'd have enough in spares, as I planned originally to have a 5 man chosen squad with 5 meltas. With these guys I'll be doing the same type of scheme as the Khornes as I want to keep the same design going through the army, rather than having every unit look different with the exception of colour.


It took all day, but that's what I have. In previous assembling I've taken care to get rid of flashing/mould lines to a degree, but not overly been worried about it. However, with these I've taken my time and really tried to get all excess off of the models, I'm sure there will be some still on them, but at least I tried.

That's it for today, hopefully the cork tiles will arrive tomorrow, if not I'll just assemble something else.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Chaos Undivided... the beginning.

The grips of Chaos have taken me from at last. For many months I have managed to stem their hunger and reaping claws of dread, but no longer can this mortal body and soul bat down the darker force.. and you know what, I embrace it. Muwahaha.

Anyway, I've decided to venture into the Chaos realm with a Legion that won't be unknown to you all, and some may even say it's a little bland - Chaos Undivided. My main reasons for going this route was firstly ease, I'm new to the hobby and didn't want to be bogged down with trying to paint colours that were out of my depth. It also allows to a bit more create license in the units I use and the colour scheme I can employ.

I want to paint for the enjoyment and I realise from trying to paint initially Imperial Fist and then Flesh Tearers that there is no way I can enjoy it, especially as a new comer if I dread sitting down and painting a sea of one colour. So I'm not going to.

Now, onto where I've started, the tanks; these are my first port of call because I know within me it's probably the least favourite part for me. Painting a plain of flat surfaces and trying to get the paint thin enough to not get too many brush strokes, this leads to many layers and then leads to ARGH! So I thought I'd get it out the way first, however to my surprise I've enjoyed painting them a lot more than I initially thought, taking away the black areas and focusing on the coloured I'm quite please, there are overly too many brush strokes visible, and those that are I'd put down to my haste of wash appliance.

Here they are so far.

Chaos Undivided generic Rhino


Undivided Khorne Rhino


Undivided Nurgle Rhino

As you can see from the pictures there are no spikes! WooT! I'm at a stage where I'm thinking that people are going too overboard on spikes, slim, nurglish stuff and a mass of skulls. I know this is what Chaos ultimately is, but I thought I'd go for a more renegade stylish force first and then at a later date for some more spikey, black, pustule contaminated milarky.

Anyway, this is what I have so far, as you can probably tell they aren't totally finished, and I'm debating doing to the Generic Rhino as I have to the others, but with a yellow to make it stand out more, but then am I making it too uniform? who knows, we'll see.


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