Monday, 18 January 2010

Winged Daemon Prince, with no wings

I've decided forcing myself to do some modelling, even though I'm knackered is a good thing, so once I got home, checked emails and made food I got to work. My intentions were to get my chosen sorted, and these would be made from the Dark Angel robed veterans. Of course the icon would be taken off and a few more spikes here and there, along with some nice horned helms.

Mid assembly I realised I'd have to wait for the poly cement to fully dry before I went all aggressive with the icon removal, so out came the Daemon Prince. I found it pretty daunting when getting it out of the box, I'm not used to metal models, before this one the only models I've painted and assembled that have been metal were horrors, not the hardest of creatures.

However, I didn't let it get in the way and away I went. I don't know if it's just me but sometimes when using super glue I stick two pieces together and BAM, stuck like gravy to a dinner cloth, and then other times it just blatantly, outright refuses to stick; this is even when it appears it's a flush fitting. One thing that has crossed my mind is that I hadn't washed the metal parts in soapy water before hand, could this be causing problems?

After a few hours of cleaning up the flashing/mould lines and super gluing myself to... myself I was starting to get somewhere, well until the sword arm and the sword arm shoulder pad fell off. The biggest problem I am having, and despite my efforts to pin them is the wings. He's a Tzeenchian Daemon Prince with wings that doesn't want his wings to stay fixed. What I am wondering is so I even bother trying to super glue the things on, or do I try and Green Stuff them, or both? I've never done anything like this before so it's causing me a headache. I've stopped for today, readying myself for a fresh start tomorrow.

Does anyone have any tips on how I can get these bad boys to stay on? They're the Zombie Dragon wing things, so not overly big or bulky and quite a bit lighter than I was expecting. I'm thinking possibly going for pro with some GS, I'll need to use some anyway as there appears to be a fair bit of touching up and gap filling to be done.

So yeah, any ideas?



DarkTemplar said...

I did something similar with my Iron Warrior Prince, using the classic Daemon Prince Wings. I put them where the "back pack" is currently, shaping them and the body of the daemon so they fit as snugly as possible. Then I pinned them with brass rod (drilling almost half an inch) and filled the gaps with GS. Look great, and natural, and haven't fallen off in 5 years!

Col. Corbane said...

First off mate, less is more with superglue. The more you put on initially, the less it sticks. So, it's best just to put a couple of spots on any iffy areas and once they bond, feed more glue bit by bit into any gaps.

If you're struggling with the wings because they don't fit well, put a little gs on the backpack and then lick the wing bit and push it into the gs so it sits flush. The licking will prevent the wing sticking to the gs. Let is set overnight and then you'll have a nice flush surface to glue and pin to.

If you're still struggling by friday, bring it down the club and I'll bring some pinning stuff and show you how to do it.

BTW - I'm also looking forward to seeing it together and on the table ....... so I can kill it!

Draz said...

Cheers for the tips guys.

I liked the idea of putting the wings on the areas where the back pack would normally be, but I'd already stuck the back pack sections on, but might be something to try for the next Prince.

I've green stuffed the areas in which I wanted the wings to go, tried as best I can to make it smooth and meld into the Daemon Princes back. The wings have been gently pushed into the Green Stuff and an imprint made, I'm hoping this will work, I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Cheers for the tips Corbane, I'll bring the Prince down on Friday if I remember it. lol.



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