Thursday, 7 January 2010

Chaos Undivided... the beginning.

The grips of Chaos have taken me from at last. For many months I have managed to stem their hunger and reaping claws of dread, but no longer can this mortal body and soul bat down the darker force.. and you know what, I embrace it. Muwahaha.

Anyway, I've decided to venture into the Chaos realm with a Legion that won't be unknown to you all, and some may even say it's a little bland - Chaos Undivided. My main reasons for going this route was firstly ease, I'm new to the hobby and didn't want to be bogged down with trying to paint colours that were out of my depth. It also allows to a bit more create license in the units I use and the colour scheme I can employ.

I want to paint for the enjoyment and I realise from trying to paint initially Imperial Fist and then Flesh Tearers that there is no way I can enjoy it, especially as a new comer if I dread sitting down and painting a sea of one colour. So I'm not going to.

Now, onto where I've started, the tanks; these are my first port of call because I know within me it's probably the least favourite part for me. Painting a plain of flat surfaces and trying to get the paint thin enough to not get too many brush strokes, this leads to many layers and then leads to ARGH! So I thought I'd get it out the way first, however to my surprise I've enjoyed painting them a lot more than I initially thought, taking away the black areas and focusing on the coloured I'm quite please, there are overly too many brush strokes visible, and those that are I'd put down to my haste of wash appliance.

Here they are so far.

Chaos Undivided generic Rhino


Undivided Khorne Rhino


Undivided Nurgle Rhino

As you can see from the pictures there are no spikes! WooT! I'm at a stage where I'm thinking that people are going too overboard on spikes, slim, nurglish stuff and a mass of skulls. I know this is what Chaos ultimately is, but I thought I'd go for a more renegade stylish force first and then at a later date for some more spikey, black, pustule contaminated milarky.

Anyway, this is what I have so far, as you can probably tell they aren't totally finished, and I'm debating doing to the Generic Rhino as I have to the others, but with a yellow to make it stand out more, but then am I making it too uniform? who knows, we'll see.



Col. Corbane said...

I'll look forward to blowing that rhino up at the club mate.

Looking good.

Admiral Drax said...

The colours complement well...

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