Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Standing On Solid Ground - Basing

In a previous post I showed a few units I had put together and planned to base. With a bit of research online I found a method I was happy with, and this method was with the use of cork. The blog this idea came from is The Painting Corps.

Once I'd decided to use cork I needed to find some, this however is easier said than done in the UK it seems. I scoured B&Q, Homebase, Topps Tiles and Wickes but nadda, not even a sniffing of a cork tile, I soon realised the only place I was going to find some was on ebay.

Anyhow, after acquiring the cork tiles I set about breaking one up into rough pieces with a pair of pliers, aiming to make the pieces the same or similar size to the bases. These broken up bits of cork were attached to the round bases with a bit of super glue as I wanted a more stable stick than from what I'd get from PVA. Once dry the bases and cork with brushed with a relatively watered down PVA mix, this was t give the cork a bit more rigidity and a protective layer.

After 24 hours I added 'neat' dabs of PVA glue to the areas of the bases not covered by the irregular contours of the cork tiles. I then sprinkled over citadel grit/sand, I'm sure anything could be used, I'd have preferred ballast, but I didn't have any.

The bases were once again left for 24 hours, which was yesterday, so they'd dried by the time I got home this afternoon. With a dab of super glue on the models feet, they were attached to the cork tile bases.



Personally I don't think they look too bad for a first attempt. What do you guys think?



Col. Corbane said...

They look really good mate, they're going to look cracking once you've got them finished.

Draz said...

I'm hoping next week is going to be a bit quieter so I get a bit more time to sit down and do some painting and finish off a few things.

Getting up at 4:30am and not getting home till 5pm is killing me at the moment, just don't have the mental energy to do much, although I have been forcing myself to do an hour a day.


Big Jim said...

Great bases, I too am using a lot of cork 'rocks' on my bases. It is a great, cheap way to have unique basing.


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