Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Credit Where Credits Due - Dark Future

The other day I was reading a post by Ron at From The Warp that gave tips on making a blog more successful. One of the points made by Ron was to give credit to those that deserve it, that got me thinking.

Before i started creating my chaos army I put in a lot of thought as to what the initial list was going to be; this was so I had a set plan I could follow and wasn't continuously buying models willy nilly with no set structure. At the time I had no idea of what was going to be in the army, how I was going to play it, or whether it would work as a competitive list (I plan to try GT's at some point), I just knew it was going to be Chaos.

While scouring the Internet for info I came across a tactical thread on Heresy Online by a user going by the name of Broken Sword. The posts contained within the thread were amazingly informative and unbiased to any specific units. Some of the units were less favourable than others, however there were still tactics and strategies given to the less favoured regardless. An emphasis was also placed on trying things, and simply not just reading what was being said, but to get out and experiment, find out what fitted you.

Within the users signature is a link to a blog called Dark Future The blog is filled with tactica, and not just for Chaos, but for other races such as Dark Eldar. Some nice conversions can be found within the blog, such as the Brass Scorpion and Imperial Rider.

So from this blog I have managed to find a list I'm happy to build, and many more ideas for future progression. Thanks dude.



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