Thursday, 25 February 2010

Dark Apostle - Review

Dark Apostle
By Anthony Reynolds
Reviewed by Drazilek

I have never stood on a battlefield, hot air from the engines of behemoth tanks propelled towards my unprotected face. With the sounds of gunfire skimming just over my head and explosions that devastate all that is within its path. Anthony Reynolds the author of Dark Apostle has done a fine job of bringing me to such a place from the comfort of my arm chair.

This book is a fine example of good versus evil, where the damned seem to have an unrelenting thirst for blood and corruption, never letting their foe rest. At no point during this epic adventure did I find myself getting tired of bored, I ever more wanted to turn the page and find out what was on the horizon for the characters followed.

Of all the characters within the book, I found myself sympathising with Varnus the most, his epic struggle with what was unfolding and how the torment was never ending; we all suffer from this at some point. While moving from one quest to another I could feel myself being pulled from one force to the other in who I wished to succeed, everyone seemed a hero while reading it and any of the armies was worthy of triumph.

When taking away the story of the book I found the writing to flow freely and at no point did I find myself struggle to carry on, which is all credit to the author. The battle scene descriptions were amazing, especially with the Dreadnought Warmonger and his comrades, which gave a new insight into how we look at them outside of the codex. The only area of the book I’d liked to have seen expanded is possibly Word Bearers background and more of an insight into the legion itself, however I am aware there are others books and that these may do so.

To anyone reading this review and wondering if you should get it, or if you’ve been undecided about getting the novel, then I’d say go for it. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and will be picking up the other two in the series as soon as I’ve finished the next book of the ‘heresy’ series Fulgrim (for me anyway as I’m a late starter on them). Anthony Reynolds is a fine author and is up there with Dan Abnett and Graham McNeill in regards to Warhammmer 40k novels.

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Zombieburger said...

Thanks for the review! I was not aware of this book but I love me some Chaos and I was looking for new books to read!

BTW : The Fulgrim novel is amazing. My opinion : it is the best in the series as of yet. I've pre-ordered the latest (Thousand Sons) so hopefully that is going to be a contender to the crown.

Dark Apostle Drazilek said...

I'm trying to read through the novels in order that they were written. From a number of sources I've been told that as long as I read the first three in order and read the Dark Angel novels after each others it's all good.

Probably going to start reading Fulgrim tonight. I've never been a fast reader, so may take a few weeks.

So wanting to read the Thousand Sons book, especially as it's on the shelves over here.


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