Thursday, 18 February 2010

A Glowing Blade

Today things didn't go as planned, and thus I am at home with a high temperature, aching ribs, a bad back and a headache. With no will in the world to do much constructive beside eat tomato soup and soldiers I decided to have a gander on the Internet with regards to my beloved Chaos.

While having a look around I came across an amazing retro computer game design for Windows 95 by the name of 'Chaos Gate'. Personally I've never heard of it, but the cover to the game caught my eye, and one particular bit.. the glowing green chain-sword.

I think you'll all agree that the art work is beautiful, especially the fact those pesky Ultramarines are getting the righteous, self worth arses kicked. The the chain-sword rocks.

I've decided I'd possibly like to have a similar style chain-sword on my Aspiring Champions and the like, or whole squads with chain weapons. My question to you all, is how do you think I'd paint a similar style weapon. I realise that unless I use glow in the dark paint it's not going to glow, but I'd still like the vibrancy of the weapon.

Any tips, hints or links would be greatly appreciated.



Soundwave said...

I couldn't remember what this blog was for a few minutes there (hey, I've just woken up :P). Really like the new layout you've got!

I tried some sort of glowing green thing on my Plaguemarine chainswords some time ago. I settled for a dry brush of the brightest GW green I could get, which I think is Snot Green? As a lazy painter it did the trick for me.

Dark Apostle Drazilek said...

I had about a week of not posting because I couldn't get the template I had made to work in blogger, took a while for me to get it sorted and thus didn't post. I was bored of the mostly black blogs everyone seemed to have, so decided, hey, make one yourself. :-D

As for the chain sword, I've got a few models built up for testing, so I'll give the dry brushing method a go and see how I like it. Someone has also posted a method of lights on my Buzz pages, so that will be investigated too.


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