Saturday, 20 February 2010

Who doesn't like metallics?

I started painting today, out came my Vallejo Game Colour paints (love the dropper bottles); the first of which was the black for base coating. When I started I thought it a bit strange that the first two Khorne Berzerkers I base coated were slightly shiny, and I'm not talking primer shine, I'm almost considering Citadel brush on undercoat.

However, after those first two they came out all nice and matt, I think there may have been some unshaken paint in the nozzle of the bottle and that could have caused the issue, either way it's all fine now.

I've had an issue with the models on their bases, I didn't pin the models into the bases and cork, and as a result two came loose, so I've pinned them now and they seem more stable than they did, I'll do the others as and when needed, Dunc at the club can help with that one. Haha.

Anyway, to the point, I've decided I don't like metallics paints. I painted a practice model along with the base coating of the berzerkers; this is just standard bolter guy in the Black legion colours. As you can imagine it was mostly painted in golds and silver like metallics, and I really don't like it. Even with the gold highlighted with a bit of mithril they look so meh.

The more I've been looking at guides on painting and colour and the like the more I've moved away from the realism miniatures, the one that look as if they could be a real person or object, and the more I've moved towards Kevin Dallimore style of painting, more cartoonified and colourful. Models in my opinion are now painted in to dark a scheme, I know this is whats going to win you a Golden Daemon, but I don't care, I want vibrancy!

So, with this in mind I'm going to paint the Black Legion is black and yellow with either highlights of a lighter yellow or white. I haven't decided how I'm completley going to do it, but I'll try and come up with a decision by the end of the week.

Anyone out there happen to have any tips on yellow?



Zombieburger said...

Hi! This is how I paint yellow (mind that I only use GWS colors for this but hope this helps anyway).

1. A basecoat of Iyvanden Darksun
2. Gryphonne Sepia wash (this looks awesome on yellow).
3. highlight suburst yellow OR golden yellow (I'm slighty colorblind so I don't see a difference in both hehe).

and that's it really.


Col. Corbane said...

My tip on yellows ..... avoid them like the plague!

I'll look forward to seeing your new style painting down at the club matey.

DarkTemplar said...

I used to go to the same gaming club as Kevin Dallimore so know his work well. I'm not a fan of the cartoon colours personally – it's the reason I stayed clear of 2nd Ed 40k – but I do agree with you in terms on not being a fan of the metallic paints. I would love to try the NMM method but not sure I'm good enough yet.

As for yellow, I used the following:
Basecoat of Bestial Brown then a coat of Iyanden Darksun washed several times with Golden Yellow. Wash with Gryphonne Sepia, highlight with the yellow then white.

Dark Apostle Drazilek said...

Cheers for the tips guys, will have to have a looksy and find the one I like.


Ryan said...

What I do for yellow (learned from painting Imperial Fists) is a few thin coats of Vomit Brown over a white undercoat, drybrush some golden yellow over that. Then, some really thin chestnut ink, followed by more golden yellow. You can cut off the last two steps if its detail work, but for the base color those steps help.

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