Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Assembly Line

I've had a day off work (Woot!) and decided instead of doing the normal clean and sort stuff out I'd get some needed hobby time in. The last two weeks have been extremely hectic at work and thus not a lot has really been done as the energy hasn't been there.

So I got to work on my CSM: Battleforce and the first to be assembled was the Khorne Berzerkers. I haven't done anything to them apart from give the champion a Power Fist, he'll also have a trophy rack, but that hasn't been started as yet.

The scheme will be as it is in the Codex for Black legion with the helms and shoulder pads red, whilst the rest remains Black Legion, I'll more than likely do the Power Fist red also to break the body up a wee bit. As you can see I started basing, and then realised I've ordered some Cork tiles from ebay to use for basing, so they'll have to be removed. I got over excited and too eager, oh well.

Next on the assembly line was the two, 7 man Plague Marine Squads with 2x Meltaguns and Power Fist. The meltas are from a blister pack I purchased from GW as I wasn't sure I'd have enough in spares, as I planned originally to have a 5 man chosen squad with 5 meltas. With these guys I'll be doing the same type of scheme as the Khornes as I want to keep the same design going through the army, rather than having every unit look different with the exception of colour.


It took all day, but that's what I have. In previous assembling I've taken care to get rid of flashing/mould lines to a degree, but not overly been worried about it. However, with these I've taken my time and really tried to get all excess off of the models, I'm sure there will be some still on them, but at least I tried.

That's it for today, hopefully the cork tiles will arrive tomorrow, if not I'll just assemble something else.



Col. Corbane said...

Good start mate, I'll look forward to killing them at the club.

Draz said...

We'll see, we'll see. :-p


Zombieburger said...

hehe Khorne Bezerkers and Plague Marines. Loving the troop choices :D

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