Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A Mountain of Polystyrene

The modelling room is a tip. I don't know about anyone else but I can be quite untidy in my own home; and my hobby room is no exception.

At 0430 this morning when getting up for work I staggered into said room, looked around and then shook my head. The desk is bad enough, but in the far corner next to my snakes their had formed a mountain of polystyrene. To some it may not seem much, to me it's massive and very daunting.. Haha.

When at work I have to walk around and secure the loading bay (security officer... yay!) of the shopping centre. Dotted around are cardboard skips, unfortunately for the cleaners it's not just cardboard that is thrown in, but a mass amount of polystyrene from the shops. I can't control myself and dive in.
"I can use that for a power plant" I tell myself
"Ooooh, molten pit for nurgle bath/pool" I say.

The problem with this is I gather a certain amount up to take home, once at home it's dumped in the corner for " future projects" I convince myself. Normally I such a convincing argument wouldn't be an issue, except I've vowed not to do anything until my army is painted, so the pile grows.

The big question is do I stop collecting the polystyrene and potentially piece of on some free goodness, or do I buy boxes and start stacking them in the corner in the hope I forget I'm doing it, and won't feel so guilty?



Col. Corbane said...

Save it if you can mate, you can guarantee that if you throw it out, you'll need it the next day.

Zombieburger said...

aye, never throw something out hehe. I don't :) Problem is I do not have a hobby room so my whole apartment is cluttered with Warhammer stuff (my girl friend is very forgiven in that matter).

Soundwave said...

I can just count myself lucky that I don't have access to such a wealth of free resources!

I vote that you have a scenery making party. Buy the materials and some beers, get your mates round with some take away. A few hours later you'll have some slightly drunk mates and no scenery completed but... it'll be fun!

Col. Corbane said...

Knowing the lads at the club, the night would go great with the beer flowing until someone falls asleep, at which point we'd glue all the polystyrene to them and turn them into scenery.

Dark Apostle Drazilek said...

A walking Ice Age.
I found some more Polystyrene today. Ack. By the way, if you ever need any Col, I can always bring some with me on Fridays, especially as you're building scenery for the club and the like.


Warhammer39999 said...

I'm of the opposite opinion as most. I tend to hoard this sort of stuff for a year or two, and then one day get fed up with it and toss it out. The thing about free stuff is, that if you throw it out, there's an abundance of it elsewhere. This is especially true of such packing material.

So, I'd say if there's a piece or two that you already have a clear vision for, save those... but the rest can be tossed.

Is that sacriledge?

sonsoftaurus said...

My suggestion would be to save the simple stuff, the sheets and simple geometric shapes. All that irregular-shaped junk that those DVD players were packed in, out they go. The irregular junk takes up a lot of space relative to product, and you can recreate the shapes if needed with the sheets and simple shapes.

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